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Exclusive Offers for you and your Family

These companies have been recommended to us by doctors who currently use them. We have met all our recommended partners personally.

Living Life Stress Free

Established in London, UK, Living Life Stress Free Ltd is a CPD Accredited Course Provider and a Registered College of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), providing courses and workshops for Professionals and Entrepreneurs.


Delivered with passion and empathy, our courses and workshops demystify stress and its effects, it teaches highly effective stress management techniques that can be easily applied in your daily life.

  •  Are you tired of constantly being 'on the GO'

  •  Do you have dreams but are trapped in the 'Here and Now'

  •  Do you struggle with finding time for yourself?

  •  Do you feel that your relationship is strained due to stress?

  •  Do you feel your health is affected as a result of chronic stress?

Hidalgo Brothers

Tailored Suits:

Marco and Ramon started their brand with the vision to instill passion into each suit they create.


The Hidalgo name has a long association with fine tailoring the Brothers learned from their uncle.

Their new range of Made To Measure suits introduces fine tailoring to a new generation. The same passion and attention to detail is available for new clients arriving in Savile Row.

The Better Home Company

We are The Better Home Company and we provide a full range of expert Home Services. 

Not only do we have decades of experience building and maintaining the finest homes in London, but we also truly understand the importance of delivering the right service to each and every customer.

We want you to enjoy the process of having one of our expert tradesmen and women in your home.

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