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Recommended Lead Management Systems

These companies have been recommended to us by doctors who currently use them. We have met all our recommended partners personally.

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On average, UK dental practices miss £58,860 worth of new patient enquiries each month - often through mis-management, lost leads, and inefficient practice processes. DenGro is an online lead management tool designed specifically to help dental practices improve the way they capture, convert, and report on their prospective patient enquiries and reduce the loss of missed treatment opportunities. 

Through the use of a simple, interactive to-do list of daily tasks, DenGro helps practice teams to better organise their time and the way that they contact and follow-up with leads. Meanwhile, the automated sequences of pre-written emails and SMS help practices stay connected with their leads.

Use DENGRO350 when creating a new subscription to receive 50% off your first 3 months. 

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