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Recommended Telephone Answering Services

These companies have been recommended to us by doctors who currently use them. We have met all our recommended partners personally.



Never miss another new patient enquiry with the UK's leading answering service.

Telephone Answering

Your Moneypenny Receptionist from our dedicated healthcare team is on hand to look after some or all of your calls whenever you need. Fully briefed by you, we’ll answer calls in your practice name, and either transfer through to you or send as a detailed message. We can even make bookings online via your website.


Live Chat

Covert more of your web visitors into bookings. Our acclaimed people & technology solution allows you to manage incoming chats whenever you can (even prompt visitors to start a chat if appropriate). When you’re unavailable, chats overflow seamlessly for us to look after on your behalf.

Clinic Connect

We work in partnership with you to provide intelligent, flexible support to help grow your private practice and provide exceptional patient care. 

Working only in the healthcare sector, we are a commercial team who understand that private patients have a choice meaning service and the patients journey can only be excellent. Your caller will never know we are not at your practice. 

From £75 a month, we can answer all of your calls, or just those you are unable to get to, you can turn us on and off as required. We help to ensure that 'front - end' to your practice is both professional and enthusiastic. 

We are able to take messages and input them to your CRM system, book appointments to your diary, book tests with more bespoke services available should it be something you require. 

Coming Soon

Want your business here? Get in touch with us! 

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